Anna Horiachkina is a co-founder of the brand.

Our philosophy, what message we pass to the world:

  • We all are born unique and talented. We wear who we are and we want to underline your diversity!
  • We all are connected with each other, we exchange our thoughts, emotions and feelings. We wear what we feel and we want you to feel positive!
  • We have an impact on our environment. We develop eco-friendly mindset and we want you to join!

    What we believe in and How we behave:

    • We all have good intentions in anything we do. We believe in trust and honesty. 
    • We can achieve anything when we act. We respect dynamic and we believe in NOW.
    • Experiments drive us and they bring colors, fun and joy to life. We enjoy the process and we celebrate results.
    • We think beauty is everywhere. We believe Art shapes our mindset.
    • Everything around is changing, constant innovation is a new norm. We are inquisitive, we want to BBF with future.
    • We want you to be pleased with what you buy from us. Quality is our religion.
    • We are interested in your opinion, your preference and your needs. We are for our customers.
    • We care for our environment and we'd love to make it better. We all are influencers, each small step matters.