Quality and Technology

Quality is our religion.

Quality is very important to us. Offering classical, stylish, unique wardrobe essentials, we create clothes that is made to last beyond the season.

Fabric: we use 100% organic cotton, that makes our clothes safe, long-term used and easy recycled.

Printing: We use direct-to-fabric, digital printers with deep ink penetration. This allows us to reach outstanding level of print clarity and color. Any hazardous chemicals are not used in this type of printing. Digital fabric printing provides significant reductions in both water and electricity consumption comparing to traditional methods of fabric printing. As a result Digital fabric printing can reduce water use by up to 90% and electrical usage by up to 30%.

Buttons: We use eco- friendly resin buttons. They are produced from resin, a chemical compound that is obtained from plants, which means it is all-natural. The raw raising material is in a liquid form, and this liquid substance goes through the process of heating, cooling, solidifying, cutting...Our resin buttons are all natural, eco friendly and also look clean and bright on the fabric surface.

Design and Sewing: We design with true-to-life garment simulation, we use computerized sewing machines to deliver impressive performance in every step of our process.